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Dark Moon Goddess - Pisces

Dark Moon Goddess - Pisces

Best evening for ritual: February 24 (Tuesday)

Theme: Pssions in Perspective

The Mars-Venus sextile from the last full Moon remains in force, and is now augmented by both Mercury and Jupiter, in close conjunction with Venus in Aquarius. The Sun and Moon are in Pisces now, so we are viewing this bonfire through a dark watery veil.

Although desires remain intense and focused, their relevance and endpoint may not be as clear as they were two weeks ago. It’s time to return to the source and find a place for those passions in the larger picture of the cosmos and our role in it.

This may be an unsettling, confusing time, so ask the Moon for guidance through divination, and open yourself to receive the answer without preconditions.

Questions for this Moon:

What is the larger meaning in this moment’s activities?
What is the source of the life that moves me?
What remains unchanged?
What is it like to step outside of time?

For more on upcoming full moons and dark moons, see Moon Magic at Starweaver’s Gems from Earth and Sky.

Moon Goddess - Pisces

Moon Goddess - Pisces

Best evening for ritual: September 14 (Sunday)

Theme: Shifting Dreams of Peace

Saturn and Jupiter are still closely trine at this time, filling our daily life with plans od productivity and success. But this Full Moon offers an alternative to that energy, with the Piscean message to let go of plans and go with the flow.

The message is subtly affirmed and strengthened by a triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Libra. There is strong energy in our personal relations at this time, apparently disconnected from our pragmatic concerns. With the Moon in Pisces this night, we can unleash the potential for harmony and bliss that resides in our personal relationships. This is a good night to experience the spiritual facet of love-making. (Venus and Mercury are helping physical, sexual Mars feel as comfortable as he is ever likely to be in Libra.)

Magic tonight can bring healing, relief from the stresses of the day, and introduce a dreamier, less focused quality into our lives once more. The energy liberated during this Moon will not integrate too readily into our daily affairs, but it can be a pleasant or profound interlude.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I am fully connected.
I am at peace with the world and with those I love.
The currents of love run deep and unseen.
We will merge in the dreamscape.

Read more Moon Magic on the web at Starweaver’s Gems from Earth and Sky.

Mercury and Venus Presenting Eros and Anteros to Jupiter (Paolo Veronese)Venus and Mercury are in conjunction now, merging their energies into a single form. This conjunction is a particularly long-lived one, its influences being felt from mid-February to early April. The exact date of the conjunction was this Monday, so we are still quite in the midst of it.

Conjoined this way, Venus and Mercury form a union of heart and mind. There is an easy communion now between feelings and thought, between imagination and expression. Venus dominates this partnership, being much more comfortable in the sign of Pisces than Mercury is. She is filled with beautiful visions, imaginings of love and harmony, and Mercury smoothly gives these visions concrete expressions, in words or perhaps through his skills as craftsman.

This week and next present a special opportunity to make good use of this energy. The planetary pair find themselves sextile with Jupiter in Capricorn, offering him some assistance and inspiration. Jupiter in Capricorn is concerned with expanding our sense of self-worth, our role in the community, and the respect and appreciation of others. For some of us, this may mean broadening our work life, being called into a wider sense of vocation. For others, it may have more to do with becoming more valued by friends or family. Either way, Jupiter is helping us achieve, accomplish, and advance into a richer role among others. It’s a long term project for him; he’ll be working on this into next year.

Right now, though, he gets a fleeting but potentially important boost from Mercury and Venus. Their artistic, dreamy visions are something Jupiter can use to lend image to the new substance he is building for us. If you are expanding your business, this is the time when the new logo will pop into your head. If you are working with people face-to-face, this is the time for a little shift in style. If you are artistically creative, consider putting your creations to work in the service of your pragmatic efforts.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday represent the peak opportunity to use this energy, but its influence will linger into early next week.

PiscesVenus slipped into Pisces yesterday, and she’ll be traversing that sign until April 5. This is good news for her – and for most of us, too. Venus gets along well in Pisces, where her natural sentimentality is free to wander and ponder. The next three weeks will be congenial for art, music, and other creative endeavors, especially those that draw their inspiration from our fantasies and daydreams. Relationships may flow more easily for awhile, too, as love becomes more boundless and unconditional than at other times.

Mercury is tagging along with Venus for awhile, following her into Pisces tomorrow. He’d normally being uncomfortable in such a wishy-washy landscape, but with Venus close by to navigate the emotional waters, he’s more at ease. He can lend a hand to help us verbalize those dreamy inspirations.

It’s a poetry season, really.


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