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Moon Goddess - Virgo

Moon Goddess - Virgo

Best evening for ritual: March 10 (Tuesday)

Theme: Carve out your goals

The energy of this Moon is dominated by the close proximity of Saturn. Together in Virgo, the Moon and Saturn seek to crystallize our creative intentions, giving them focus and character. Venus has lost touch with Mars, but now has a new sextile partner, Jupiter. They fuel our attraction for grand ideas and life-changing projects. The Sun in Pisces is unable to contribute any focusing or narrowing of these visions, but the passage of the Moon near Saturn tonight is an opportunity to tie things down. (The actual time of the Saturn-Moon conjuction is 4:26 pm.)

Use the Full Moon tonight to select one or two things to focus on from out of the cornucopia of hopes, visions, and ideals. Find the symbolic center of your intentions and let it be your guide and frame for the coming month.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I can see the next step.
I take my goals in hand.
I know what to create this day.
Out of many, comes the one.

For more on upcoming full moons and dark moons, see Moon Magic at Starweaver’s Gems from Earth and Sky.

Moon Goddess - Leo

Moon Goddess - Leo

Best evening for ritual: February 8 (Sunday)

Theme: Light my fire

This is an intense Moon, where our larger ideals become transformed into very personal, very immediate, and very active realities.

There is a strong sextile between Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces, which could manifest as a strong surge of sexual energy, perhaps focused on someone sharing your vision or ideas, or as a sudden, intense attraction to a new activity or undertaking. Jupiter and the Sun are also in Aquarius, amplifying both the force and the relevance of the upwelling desires.

With the Moon in Leo, there can be a need to receive attention before one can return it. The energy of this Moon can be put to good use if you can find an open channel for reciprocal generosity and reciprocal appreciation. If you focus on a relationship where the flow is one-way, you’ll likely be burned in this heat.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I revel in love and attraction.
I energize my desires.
A bright new light shines in my vision.
I am filled with living flame.

For more on upcoming full moons and dark moons, see Moon Magic at Starweaver’s Gems from Earth and Sky.

Moon Goddess Aries

Full Moon in Aries
October 14, 2:03 pm
Best evening for ritual: October 13 (Monday) or 14 (Tuesday)

Theme: Affirming Your Uniqueness

Like the Dark Moon at the end of September, this Aries Full Moon is basically free of planetary energies, allowing us to work with the simplest expression of the Aries-Libra axis: Being an individual or giving oneself to another.

This Moon offers the opportunity to affirm one’s individuality and uniqueness, the special energies, passions, and drives that make each of us who we are. This would be a good Moon for magic to reassert your own identity after a stifling relationship or experience. Conversely, it can be used to strengthen the individual personal energies at work within a relationship, to make them more vigorous and collaborative. This is also a good Moon for fresh starts, new endeavors, and initiating change of any sort.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I am unique.
I act from my own center.
My will is pure and strong.
I stride forward toward my future.

For more on upcoming full moons and dark moons, see Moon Magic at Starweaver’s Gems from Earth and Sky.

Moon Goddess - Pisces

Moon Goddess - Pisces

Best evening for ritual: September 14 (Sunday)

Theme: Shifting Dreams of Peace

Saturn and Jupiter are still closely trine at this time, filling our daily life with plans od productivity and success. But this Full Moon offers an alternative to that energy, with the Piscean message to let go of plans and go with the flow.

The message is subtly affirmed and strengthened by a triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Libra. There is strong energy in our personal relations at this time, apparently disconnected from our pragmatic concerns. With the Moon in Pisces this night, we can unleash the potential for harmony and bliss that resides in our personal relationships. This is a good night to experience the spiritual facet of love-making. (Venus and Mercury are helping physical, sexual Mars feel as comfortable as he is ever likely to be in Libra.)

Magic tonight can bring healing, relief from the stresses of the day, and introduce a dreamier, less focused quality into our lives once more. The energy liberated during this Moon will not integrate too readily into our daily affairs, but it can be a pleasant or profound interlude.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I am fully connected.
I am at peace with the world and with those I love.
The currents of love run deep and unseen.
We will merge in the dreamscape.

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GeminiThe Sun enters Gemini tomorrow, so this is the third installment in my series of posts about the signs of the Zodiac.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, ruled by Mercury. Gemini lives in the realm of words and ideas, from which it hopes to extract some new meaning and create change. My mnemonic for Gemini is “releaser of the winds.”

Gemini is verbal, gregarious, curious, and clever. Gemini delights in the flow of ideas and the give-and-take of conversation. Banter and wit are often Gemini specialties, and Gemini likes to hear opinions from everyone and look at questions from all possible angles. Gemini delights in patterns, and likes to learn things for their own sake, rather than as a means to an end.

A Gemini personality may take on the role of a teacher, writer, scientist, or debater. Planets in Gemini will often express their energies in verbal, social ways. Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is best known as the messenger of the gods, and this certainly fits Gemini to a tee. Mercury also rules Virgo, however, and was also a god of craftsmen and merchants. Gemini energy can thus also take the shape of interest in arts and crafts, especially when such activities are driven by curiosity and an interest in learning techniques and methods.

Gemini is susceptible to certain traps, the key one being superficiality. Gemini’s delight in the play of words and concepts may become disconnected from deeper needs and one’s sense of identity. Gemini’s quest for novelty may make the Gemini person seem fickle and hard to pin down. There can be a tendency toward duplicity. It’s not usually malicious, though, it’s just that Gemini can happily entertain multiple opinions and intentions, pulling out which ever one seems to fit the moment. Finally, like all air signs, Gemini is prone to living in its head, so caught up in ideas, possibilities, and concepts that it fails to achieve anything tangible or to deal with emotional realities with the necessary depth.

Gemini can be like a flying insect, buzzing happily from one thing to another, and not alighting anywhere for very long. Gemini will quickly take to the air again if things seem troubled. The view from aloft gives Gemini a great sense of freedom and versatility, and riding the winds of change from place to place can make Gemini a pollinator, spreading ideas from one person to the next and creating interest in new possibilities.

People born with a Gemini Sun are driven by a desire to explore the world with their minds and talents. They seek to develop their knowledge, talents, and insights as broadly as possible. As they gain experience of the world, they may come to see pragmatic work and emotional ties as distractions, and gravitate toward careers and relationships that reward their curiosity and creativity and emphasize light, conversational interactions. There may be a lot of exploration of different political, philosophical, and spiritual orientations. The challenge for a Gemini Sun is to translate their breadth of experience and perspective into something others can use.

With a Gemini Moon, a person may be prone to escapism of various sorts, finding comfort in books about far away world or different ways of living. The person may find conversation to be their best security blanket and comforter; thinking things through out loud with a good friend is the best therapy. Romantic attraction will often flow from response to the other person’s wit, intelligence, or conversational sparkle. People with a Gemini Moon may talk too much when they are under stress, and may say things they regret later.

With Gemini rising, one wears of the mask of the clever, articulate expert or student, relying on written and verbal communication skills to make an impression and present their merits to the world. They may find themselves taking on the role of facilitator in a group, keeping ideas flowing and encouraging lively debate. If such people have their Sun or Moon in a water sign or fire sign, they may disturb others on those occasions when powerful feeling breaks through their congenial, philosophical persona. The challenge for someone with Gemini rising is to let their conversation carry their deeper concerns forward to others, instead of using it as a shield.


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