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Moon Goddess - Leo

Moon Goddess - Leo

Best evening for ritual: February 8 (Sunday)

Theme: Light my fire

This is an intense Moon, where our larger ideals become transformed into very personal, very immediate, and very active realities.

There is a strong sextile between Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces, which could manifest as a strong surge of sexual energy, perhaps focused on someone sharing your vision or ideas, or as a sudden, intense attraction to a new activity or undertaking. Jupiter and the Sun are also in Aquarius, amplifying both the force and the relevance of the upwelling desires.

With the Moon in Leo, there can be a need to receive attention before one can return it. The energy of this Moon can be put to good use if you can find an open channel for reciprocal generosity and reciprocal appreciation. If you focus on a relationship where the flow is one-way, you’ll likely be burned in this heat.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I revel in love and attraction.
I energize my desires.
A bright new light shines in my vision.
I am filled with living flame.

For more on upcoming full moons and dark moons, see Moon Magic at Starweaver’s Gems from Earth and Sky.

mars-chariotMars enters Leo today, ending his long sulk in Cancer. He remains in Leo until July 1. Mars’s physical, outgoing energy finds a comfortable home in the fire sign of Leo. Mars is able to express himself vigorously and passionately now, and expects to achieve great things.

Mars applies his drive and energy to helping us secure a sense of our own worth and value. There is something to be proven, a point to be scored, a success to be registered and appreciated. Mars is already looking ahead to the triumph, the return home with crowds cheering and honors bestowed.

As always with Mars, the issue is whether his ambition and drive will take a nasty, aggressive turn. This is a special concern in the fire signs, which are not noted for their subtlety of expression or their sensitivity to others. Mars in Leo is determined to be king of the mountain, and is unlikely to notice anyone who is trampled underfoot on his way to the top. In Leo, Mars sees competition as a game, and every game must have a winner, so why be shy about it? Expect a fair amount of this energy to manifest verbally, in speeches or debates, with Mercury in Gemini for the duration of Mars’s stint in Leo.

During these next couple months, those connecting with Mars may be motivated by a desire to be the best at whatever goal they set for themselves. This can be a wonderful source of productive energy, if channeled into personal projects or acquiring new skills. But for some at this time, the desire to be the best can become distorted into a desire to see others fail or be proven wrong or unworthy.

Those born with planets in fire signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) will pick up on this Mars energy in a very facile way, and will probably enjoy themselves greatly, oblivious to its impact on others. Those with planets in the other fixed signs (Scorpio and Taurus in particular, but also Aquarius), may find themselves frustrated and provoked by conflicts of various sorts, which they are drawn into but don’t really understand.

This can be an excellent time for self-promotion and for getting noticed for our talents and activities. But we will all need to make frequent “reality checks” to make sure the attention-gathering doesn’t strike people the wrong way. Not all publicity is good publicity.


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