Thank you for visiting! This blog is a little journal of my random musings. I hope you enjoy your time here.

The postings here fall into three broad categories: tarot, astrology, and Pagan spirituality. These three topics are central to my way of understanding the universe and moving through life. Some posts overlap several categories. I’m a teacher at heart, so much of what I write here is intended to be informative or helpful to learners, rather than just opinion pieces or personal diary entries.

I think of Starweaver’s Corner as the patio outside the backdoor of my main web site, Starweaver’s Gems from Earth and Sky. The web site is updated eight times a year with relatively polished articles, and intended as a lasting resource for students of divination and Pagan spirituality. This blog, on the other hand, is where we sit with margaritas as the sun sets and talk about our favorite topics in the moment.

Your comments are most welcome here. I like the interactive quality of blogs, and the possibility of developing a sense of community with visitors and fellow bloggers who share my interests. I also welcome suggestions for posting topics, and am happy to answer questions.

I do have my own “take” on things, and I’ll sometimes express an opinion that goes against the grain of conventional wisdom. Naturally, I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I write, and I appreciate hearing different perspectives. However, I’m not an avid debater these days, so let’s keep it casual. We don’t want the margaritas to go sour.

Could somebody pass the chips and salsa?