Dark Moon Goddess - Aquarius

Dark Moon Goddess - Aquarius

Best evening for ritual: January 25 (Sunday)

Theme: The Reality Playground

There’s a lot of interesting energy at work for this Dark Moon. Sun and Moon are closely conjunct with Jupiter, offering an ebullient boost to everything we learn or sense at this time.

The other planets are all having a lovefest now too, with Mars and Mercury teaming up in Capricorn to support Saturn, and a dreamy and sentimental Venus in Pisces serving as their muse. This all makes it a natural time for reinventing your personal reality in a novel and creative way: the daydreams might actually take root and sprout!

To top it off, this dark moon is also a solar eclipse, visible from the Indian Ocean.

Divination tonight can be grand and fanciful. Shoot for the stars! Ask for a brand new picture of the world and your place in it. Ask for several. Let them bubble around inside for the next two weeks, and see how it feels to see in new and different ways.

Questions for this Moon:
If the gods invited me to help make a new world, what would I suggest?
What is my version of Utopia?
I move to a parallel universe; who is there and what are they up to?
If I could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

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