Dark Moon Goddess - Capricorn

Dark Moon Goddess - Capricorn

Best evening for ritual: December 26 (Friday)

Theme: Finding Your Discipline

Mercury and Saturn (and, less intensely, Jupiter) are collaborating now to develop a clear recipe for making things work and getting things done.

The Sun and Moon are united now in seeking to make a difference, and Mars is enlisted to help, although his influence is on the wane now. There is an opportunity now, however, to settle into useful habits and basically “get your act together”.

This requires some self-examination and some insight into our own style of working and organizing time. Divination tonight can be helpful if you need a clearer picture of what your daily routine should look like, or what steps you need to chart out on your way to your goal.

Questions for this Moon:

How do I keep myself on track?
What old habit do I need to drop?
What new habit do I need to acquire?
What is the relationship between process and goal?

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