Dark Moon Goddess - Sagittarius

Dark Moon Goddess - Sagittarius

Best evening for ritual: November 26 (Wednesday)
Theme: Focusing the Searchlight

This Dark Moon occurs at the time of a quadruple conjunction of Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a sign of exploration and discovery, and right now there is a lot of strong personal energy coming together with that intention.

The impulses to explore that these Sagittarius planets are now prompting us with merge tonight into a clear picrture of a single destination or target.

Divination work tonight should give renewed clarity and focus to your learning and seeking. Whether through travel, higher education, or spiritual work, you are searching for something new and meaningful. Ask the Moon tonight to show you what you will find at the end of the journey.

Questions for this Moon:

What do I seek?
What treasure will I find at the end of my quest?
What vision awaits on the horizon?
Where will my learning take me?

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