Dark Moon Goddess (Scorpio)

Dark Moon Goddess (Scorpio)

Dark Moon in Scorpio, October 28, 5:15 pm

Best evening for ritual: October 28 (Tuesday)

Theme: Into the Churning Passions

This Dark Moon finds the five other planets in a strong and strangely symmetric aspect pattern, focused on Mars in Scorpio. Mars is in close sextile with the powerful trine planets Jupiter (in Capricorn) and Saturn (in Virgo). Each of these in turn is in a lose square with one of the remaining planets: Saturn with Venus in Sagittarius, and Jupiter with Mercury in Libra. The Sun and Moon are not connected with the pattern directly, but their presence together in Scorpio brings them into indirect communion with Mars and his retinue. (And, in fact, the Moon will be conjunct with Mars shortly after noon on the 29th.)

Mars is the classical ruler of Scorpio, so he is strongly placed now, expressing his intensity and drive with great determination, either physically or emotionally. Jupiter and Saturn offer pragmatic support. This is a time when our passions can manifest very real change, remaking our personal environment and the interpersonal landscape we travel in. The lightness of Venus and Mercury at this time just causes friction and irritation, as the juggernaut of the three outer planets presses its agenda.

Scorpio energy can sometimes have a destructive intensity, as common sense and others’ feelings fall victim to the quest for drama and the need to obtain one’s desires. Saturn and Jupiter, however, hold some considerable promise of channeling that passion into something productive and practical. This Moon is a valuable opportunity to learn how to use your deeper passions. It’s not a trivial task – those passions are likely to have lots of roots and tentacles reaching into other issues.

But if you take up the challenge to do some emotional excavation work this Moon, it will repay you well.

Questions for this Moon:

What powers my anger?
What do I hunger for?
How does my passion change the world around me?
Shall I give shape to what is hidden?

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