The Sun enters Scorpio this evening, so I’m offering my commentary on the sign. I was born under a Scorpio sun myself, so I may be a bit biased. 😉

The basic energy of Scorpio is intense, penetrating, brooding, and passionate. Scorpio gets into things and people in a deep way, as though always trying to get to the bottom of things.

Scorpio, along with Virgo, seems to attract a lot of negative publicity. Scorpio is seen as obsessed with sex and death, as secretive and suspicious, and prone to going off the deep end emotionally.

All this has some truth in it, of course: Scorpio’s intensity can cause it to get very serious about things others would just let go. Being a fixed water sign means that Scorpio is always trying to secure and maintain its identity through emotion. The problem is that emotions are by nature fluid things, but Scorpio needs to hang onto them and secure them. This is why Scorpio dives deep – it’s seeking something unchanging at the bottom of its emotional life.

A good friend of mine likes to point out that Scorpio’s interest in death and sex is not something intrinsic to the sign. Rather, it is a product of our society’s taboos surrounding these subjects. Scorpio explores whatever is taboo, off-limits, or unacknowledged in a society. Scorpio dislikes superficiality, euphemism, and evasion. Scorpio is drawn to what others fear to look at.

Scorpio is noted for jealousy or even vindictiveness. This tendency comes from Scorpio’s need for emotional anchors. If one’s emotional life is destabilized in some way, Scorpio will try to pull it back under control. For an immature person, this need to control one’s emotional life can manifest as attempting to control the people one is close to.

Scorpio’s desire for depth makes it suitable for a variety of roles. Scorpio can be an investigator (which includes scientists and other research roles), a taboo-breaker (this can be a valuable, if not always welcome, social function), a hermit, or a shaman. These last two are natural spiritual roles for someone with a lot of Scorpio energy, as both involve stepping away from society and plumbing the depths of private experience.

Although Scorpio’s modern ruler is the planet Pluto, god of the underworld, the ancients assigned Scorpio to Mars. This may be a puzzle at first, as we think of Mars as very outgoing and physical. In classical astrology, each planet (except the Sun and Moon) presided over both a masculine sign and a feminine sign. In the feminine sign, the planet’s energy is usually directed inward. In Scorpio, Mars wages war on the internal battlefield of the soul.

It is important to remember that every sign of the zodiac has its traps – unhealthy modes of expression. People who emphasize Scorpio’s traps while touting the virtues of the other signs are not getting a balanced picture of things. Whether the energy of a sign expresses in healthy or unhealthy ways is a function of the maturity of the personality, not the sign itself. Usually, unhealthy manifestations are the result of projecting the issues of the sign outward onto other people. Thus, an immature Scorpio may express the need for emotional security by being suspicious or jealous of a lover, but a mature Scorpio understands that they are responsible for their own emotional security, which can only be won by going deep and facing one’s own fears.

A person born under a Scorpio Sun has a life journey that leads to uncovering the deep truths beneath the surface of things. The truths can be intellectual, metaphysical, psychological, or mystical. Uncovering things is a great passion, but if this is concealed or complicated by a more superficial or pragmatic rising sign or upbringing, then the Scorpio Sun may be an unacknowledged “time bomb” in the person’s character. This is especially true because Scorpio is one of the most private of the signs. The hidden intensity of a Scorpio Sun may come as a shock to those outside the person’s inner circle. A person with a Scorpio Sun can be thought of as living a life-long shamanic journey, exploring the chthonic reaches of reality, and returning as a healer.

With a Scorpio Moon, the effect on the personality is somewhat different. Rather than seeking depth as a life goal, the person with a Scorpio Moon needs depth for comfort and security, to satisfy the emotional needs of the moment. A Scorpio Moon is perhaps even more prone to suspicion, jealousy, and neediness than a Scorpio Sun is. Such people may have powerful fantasy lives, and the challenge is to balance themselves with “reality checks” about their relationships and dreams. A Scorpio Moon feels very deeply, and this can be a gift, especially if the energy is channeled into a creative form, such as poetry or art.

Scorpio as a rising sign projects a deep, serious persona to the world. Such a person may be the one who seems to be quietly studying others, rather than participating in conversations and socializing. This can be a positive quality, if one gravitates toward a profession or social circle where a more introverted, thoughtful persona is valued. Scorpio rising can support a Sun in any of the more serious, focused signs, such as Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, or Cancer. With the Sun in a more carefree, active sign, however, the person runs the risk of disappointing others when the serious demeanor does not translate into depth of knowledge or accomplishment.