Bronze Ares, from the Gaziantep Museum

Bronze Ares, from the Gaziantep Museum

Mars entered Scorpio on Friday, where he remains until November 16. This is a time of power for him: Mars is the classical ruler of Scorpio, and he is much more in his element here than he was trying to navigate the gentle banter and airy affability of Libra. In Scorpio, Mars is free to be intense, passionate, physical, and serious.

Mars is fiery and warlike, but in Scorpio he turns his drive inward, stirring up a heady cauldron of smoldering emotions. His power and virility build beneath the surface. Instead of competing on the field of battle, he internalizes his energies and struggles to secure the emotional landscape. Here, the sexual nature of Mars expresses itself most strongly. For Mars in Scorpio, sex is not about love or relationship building; it is lust, drive, and vigorous physicality.

Mars’s energy in Scorpio can also manifest in unpleasant forms: brooding resentments, dramatic scenes, jealousies, rivalries, and destructive manipulation. Mars is never very aware of the needs of others, and in Scorpio he can become completely absorbed in the world of his own emotions.

How can these powerful energies be harnessed productively? One way is to focus them onto a creative project or other similar outlet. Although Mars in Scorpio can fuel interpersonal conflict, that is an effect of the energy, not its goal. What the energy is about is focused emotion, passion, the life-force intensified to the edge of obsession. Any creative project that can benefit from emotional depth and power can use Mars’s attention in the coming weeks.

This is a time when we can more easily tap into the primal experiences: desire, passion, power. Although these things can sometimes make us uncomfortable, tugging at us to cast off the veneer of civility and convention, they are driving forces in human life, and we cannot avoid engaging them in some form.