Moon Goddess - Pisces

Moon Goddess - Pisces

Best evening for ritual: September 14 (Sunday)

Theme: Shifting Dreams of Peace

Saturn and Jupiter are still closely trine at this time, filling our daily life with plans od productivity and success. But this Full Moon offers an alternative to that energy, with the Piscean message to let go of plans and go with the flow.

The message is subtly affirmed and strengthened by a triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Libra. There is strong energy in our personal relations at this time, apparently disconnected from our pragmatic concerns. With the Moon in Pisces this night, we can unleash the potential for harmony and bliss that resides in our personal relationships. This is a good night to experience the spiritual facet of love-making. (Venus and Mercury are helping physical, sexual Mars feel as comfortable as he is ever likely to be in Libra.)

Magic tonight can bring healing, relief from the stresses of the day, and introduce a dreamier, less focused quality into our lives once more. The energy liberated during this Moon will not integrate too readily into our daily affairs, but it can be a pleasant or profound interlude.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I am fully connected.
I am at peace with the world and with those I love.
The currents of love run deep and unseen.
We will merge in the dreamscape.

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