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Dark Moon Goddess - Virgo

Dark Moon Goddess - Virgo

The Dark Moon occurs this Saturday at 1:58 pm (here in New Mexico), so either Friday night or Saturday night is suitable for ritual or divination.

This Dark Moon in Virgo finally brings to a head all those issues Saturn and Jupiter have been bringing to our attention this year: organizing our time and efforts, being productive and successful, and creating something useful for others. The Moon and Sun are only about three degrees from Saturn on Saturday. (The Moon overtakes him Saturday night at about 8:30, which could be an especially powerful time for connecting with the Saturnian energies of this Moon. The Sun overtakes Saturn on Wednesday.) Saturn is closely trine with Jupiter at this time also, an energy which is still building to its peak – the aspect becomes exact on September 8. The Saturn-Jupiter trine has the potential to bring us some very powerful gifts of understanding and perspective concerning productivity and success in our efforts, if only we can take their lessons to heart, which is what the Moon offers us this weekend: a window into the subconscious, helping us understand how and why we work. This is the time to find answers about what keeps us from bringing projects to fruition, and what helps us to do so.

Mercury and Venus have just entered Libra as a team, and remind us that sometimes we can find these answers about our own work through conversation and communion with a friend or loved one. Mars’s placement nearby in Libra can make some of these conversations seem choppy or contrary, but if we don’t fix on those feelings, we can find some good ideas emerging from our interaction with others.

Questions for this Moon:

How do I bring my ideas to fruition?
What does my work give to others?

How can I put my time and energy to best use?
What is my own true and easy style of working?

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Moon Goddess - Aquarius

Moon Goddess - Aquarius

This full moon comes around two in the afternoon on Saturday here in New Mexico, so Friday night is at least as good a night for ritual as Saturday, since it catches the waxing energy of the Moon.

The theme for this Moon is manifesting your ideals.

With any Aquarius Full Moon, the underlying tension is the Aquarius-Leo axis: whether to embrace the ideals of a larger cause or focus on your own sense of self-esteem and satisfaction. There is an urge toward service, that is both challenged and energized by the feeling that personal success must be achieved first.

This Full Moon, however, offers an opportunity to resolve that tension in a potent and meaningful way. Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are all closely conjunct in Virgo. Together, they are wonderfully effective in making things take form on the physical plane, in a way that is not only structured but creative and esthetically appealing. This easy practicality complements the Moon’s Aquarian penchant for abstraction. Furthermore, this impressive triple conjunction is in a close trine with Jupiter in Capricorn, ensuring that whatever we do produce at this time of opportunity will provide a happy boost in recognition, status, and the other trappings of success. This makes the Leo Sun happy. There’s a lot of energy available this Moon, and it’s all good stuff.

This is a time to actually get to work on that wonderful creative project you’ve been stewing on, out of fear that it will be met with criticism, or (worse) indifference. If you apply yourself now, you will be surprised at the quality of the result, and so will others. A ritual or magical working Friday or Saturday to initiate and energize your undertaking should set things off on a strong and felicitous path.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I craft my dreams into being
What I do is valuable and visible
I bring the sacred down to earth
I share my wonder

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