Prince of Swords (Robin Wood Tarot)

Prince of Swords (Robin Wood Tarot)

Today’s card is the Knight of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot. Wood has taken the air symbolism of swords very seriously, showing us a knight on a pegasus, soaring above the clouds. His sword crackles with electricity. He seems totally focused on his mission.

The knight of swords is an archetype I have some close familiarity with, having often played the role of intellectual crusader myself. One of the dangers associated with our verbal faculty is that of becoming ungrounded, detached from the realities of a situation. The words and concepts can take on a life of their own, and we can get caught up in the internal logic of our arguments and lose sight of the practical, social, or emotional implications of our ideas.

We can almost imagine this particular knight setting off from a literal “ivory tower” on his crusade to save the world from the dangers of incorrect thinking.

It would be a mistake to paint this fellow in completely negative or cynical terms, however. Sometimes ideas do need champions, and intensity of focus can sometimes have a very clarifying effect. Wood has given her knight a face that is more intent than aggressive, more idealistic than dogmatic. On balance, he is a positive figure, a hero coming to the rescue.

Here are the questions to ask when this card appears:

What cause am I fighting for?
Do I need a reality check?
Why is it important to be right?
How do I bring my good ideas to the world?