Moon Goddess - Capricorn

Moon Goddess - Capricorn

Although your calendar may show the Full Moon on Friday, the best evening for ritual is July 17 (Thursday), as this is the night when the Moon is actually closest to full.

Tthe theme for this Moon is “The Call of Perfection”. You may have had some nasty run-ins with perfectionism lately, thanks to Mars and Saturn being conjunct in Virgo…perhaps a run-in with law enforcement, or a humorless petty bureaucrat making you life miserable. With positive intentions and a little luck, the Full Moon in Capricorn can help you process the uncomrfortable aspects of perfectionism into something productive and rewarding.

This Full Moon is heavily colored by the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo, as well as Jupiter’s proximity to the Moon in Capricorn. These energies draw us of out of our domestic sanctuary and encourage us to make something of importance in the world outside. There is a sense that everything will open up and bear fruit, if only we can put the pieces together without lapsing into error or mishap. It’s a good time for magic directed toward your vocation or avocation, to bring an important project to birth. Get as much pragmatic groundwork as possible done before the Moon, and then use her energy to seal it and manifest it.

Affirmations for this Moon:
I create perfection.
Careful work earns lasting rewards.
I am ready for the test.
Today’s opportunity is tomorrow’s foundation.

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