Dark Moon in GeminiDark Moon in Gemini, June 3, 1:24 pm

Best evening for ritual: June 2 (Monday) or June 3 (Tuesday)

Theme: Know Yourself to Show Yourself

The Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in conjunction during this Dark Moon in Gemini. This presents a great opportunity for looking yourself over, up and down, back and front. What do you know about yourself? How do you feel about yourself? Are you the person you believe you are? Are you the person you want to be? Mars is in Leo, in a close sextile with the Solar-Lunar entourage. He is ready to express himself, to go to battle on your behalf, to be your personal hero bringing in fame, fortune and admiration. But he needs to know who he is fighting for, and that is the task this Moon presents.

Questions for this Moon:

Are there two sides to my nature?

Am I wise?

Am I beautiful?

What side of me needs to be seen?