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Venus in GeminiVenus follows the Sun into Gemini tomorrow, where she will remain until June 18.

Venus is less in her element here than she was presiding over the sensual opulence of Taurus. In Gemini, Venus becomes distracted with passing fancies and superficial socializing. She helps us bring on the charm, to be sure, but may not leave much behind to show for those delightful moments of banter and repartee.

This can be a good time to move around, loosen your habits, and get acquainted with different people, ideas, or activities. Think of the weeks ahead as a sampler tray of appetizers to nibble on – maybe one of them will strike your fancy: make a mental note and come back to it later, when your focus will be clearer.

This can be a rather fun time for the “people persons” amongst us – there will be a lot of surprising attractions, random flirtations, and silly humor. Venus remains in close proximity to the Sun during her time in Gemini, making it easy for us to feel that her shifting attractions are somehow meaningful in helping us toward our personal goals. This may be true, at least part of the time, but the test will come later.

Venus overtakes the Sun on June 8, so we can expect some intensification of these tendencies around this time. People with Gemini planets will be most influenced by Venus’s energy at this time, as she accentuates the pleasure Gemini already finds in the give-and-take of light conversation and study.

If your looking for a sign that that special someone is interested in you, you may receive one soon. Don’t take it too much to heart, though. There’s attraction in the air, and it can alight on anyone at this time. Check in again after Venus enters Cancer, and becomes more willing to show some depth and sensitivity in how she bestows her gifts of attention.


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