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Moon Goddess Scorpio (2)The theme for this Full Moon is Unleashing the Heart. The best evening for ritual is May 19 (Monday).

Once every three years, there are two successive Full Moons in the same sign of the zodiac, giving us a special opportunity to build on any magical workings we launched the month before. I think of the second Moon as reaching a higher octave, a higher level of intensity – the energy having built up to twice its usual level before its final release. And, of course, the passage of time finds the other planets in a different configuration, and hence colors the energy of the Moon in a different way.

This is especially true of the Scorpio Moon, which is all about intensity anyway – emotional, sexual, probing, introspective intensity.

The theme of April’s Full Moon in Scorpio was “drawing from your well of power”. Having drawn from those depths, we are ready to use our emotional energy to create transformation. The other planets are in a very positive, benevolent placement at this time. Venus is near the Sun in Taurus (the sign of her rulership) during this Full Moon, teaching us how to manifest our desires and live richly in our emotions. She is trine with Jupiter now too, adding even greater energy to this Moon. This Moon can amplify our emotions, our sensuality, and our depth of feeling. There is a real possibility of manifesting your desires now, with help from Venus and Jupiter in earth signs.

Emotions have great power to create change, if they are channeled in useful ways. They are what drives us forward into new realities and new ways of living life. Now is the time to focus those intensified emotions into a goal.

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate this Moon on Monday evening, when the Sun sets and the Moon rises at almost the exact time of the Full Moon.

Affirmations for this Moon:
I know my heart.
I surround myself with love and beauty.
Love and power flow from my depths.
I am ready to grow.

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