2 of swordsFor today’s card, I pulled the 2 of swords from the Celtic Tarot by Courtney Davis. Davis’s talent with Celtic knotwork designs is much in evidence here – the swords are actually woven together into the diamond-shaped band that frames them.

The 2 of swords is a card of indecision, of mental stalemate. In this image, the swords are pointed downward, which suggests to me a defensive posture. Sometimes we may procrastinate in making a choice because we feel safer just carrying on as though there is no need for a decision. The stream of energy flowing between the sword tips reminds us, however, that there is tension here. Eventually, we must acknowledge what is building up and take some kind of action.

The energy behind the situation is also evident in the colors of this image: the vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds are hardly restful colors – rather, they seek action and change. The swords themselves are precision instruments, displaying fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Logic and careful analysis can be helpful in making the choice that is before us, even if the energies leading up to it are hot and emotional.

I’ve often been prone to indecision myself, so this card is particularly meaningful to me. I can be fearful of making a change – any change – but once I make up my mind and take the first step, everything seems to clear and life moves forward again.

When the 2 of swords comes up in a reading, it is an invitation to ask what choice is presenting itself at the moment, and what tensions are building up while awaiting a clear answer to resolve the dilemma.