Taurus Dark MoonTheme: Listening to your Body

Today’s Dark Moon actually occurred this morning, with the Sun and Moon conjunct in the middle of Taurus. This is an especially magical Dark Moon, coinciding almost perfectly with astrological Beltane. Mercury is in rulership in Gemini at this time, adding some verbal energy to what is otherwise a very physical, sensual atmosphere. Venus is also in rulership, in Taurus along with the Sun and Moon.

Use this Moon to question your relationship with your own body: sex, diet, health, comfort. Pay attention to yourself. Notice the processes we usually take for granted: breathing, digestion, posture and motion. Our bodies hold memories of past emotions and events, and they also can hold our natural wisdom, if we learn to listen to them and release what is held within. Use the Mercury energy to translate those internal bodily feelings into wisdom you can articulate and share.

Try some divination tonight, perhaps something basic, like scrying or casting stones. Here are some questions you might ask of this Moon:

What gives me physical pleasure?

What does my body remember that my mind has forgotten?

What does my body know that my mind needs to learn?

How do I stay aware of my bodily experience?