MercuryMercury enters Gemini today, where he will remain until July 10, thanks to a retrograde period from late May through mid-June. Gemini is Mercury’s sign of rulership, so he is very exuberant here. Conversations become dynamic, witty, and full of detail. (Things may get a bit overwhelming for the introverts among us.)

Sometimes, Mercury in Gemini can spawn conversation for its own sake, as he delights in the exchange of words and viewpoints. This can be a good time to play with different perspectives on a question, to brainstorm, or to solicit opinions from people with diverse perspectives.

It is not, however, the best time to finalize and agreement or polish a piece of writing. Mercury is a little too frenetic for that, and will have trouble settling on a single approach.

Mercury in Gemini also has a somewhat duplicitous quality. (Mythologically, Mercury was the patron of merchants and thieves, both of whom can indulge in trickery and misdirection.) Don’t believe everything you hear this season. Even people with good intentions can launch into some off-the-page narratives, as the delight in telling the story takes on a life of its own and leaves the facts to fend for themselves.

In exchanging ideas with others, it will be easier to keep things light and to toss ideas around without too much ego-bruising. Be careful, though – if you (or someone else) has a lot at stake in an idea or position, Mercury in Gemini can be frustratingly unproductive.

Although planet Mercury is primarily concerned with communication, he also governs other types of mental and manual skills. In these areas, too, we may find our activities highly energized but difficult to focus. To use the energy productively, try working on projects that are fresh and not too near to completion. If you are a writer, make drafts and outlines, and plan on settling them into a final shape later. If working in the visual arts, this is a good time for studies and sketches.

People who have their natal Mercury in one of the air signs (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) will find it easiest to pick up on the advantageous aspects of Mercury’s journey through Gemini these coming months. Folks with Mercury in Pisces may feel overloaded by detailed information, and those with Mercury in Virgo will be frustrated by the difficulty of settling on a final version of anything until July.