TaurusThe Sun enters Taurus tomorrow, so I thought I would share my understanding of the energies represented by this sign. (For the previous post in this series, see Aries, Finder of the Flame.)

My mnemonic for this sign is “Keeper of the Valley”. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, feminine in polarity. Taurus is loyal, sensual, acquisitive, and gentle. Taurus can serve as a protector, friend or lover, stabilizer, and healer. Taurus is Earth-Mother energy, rooted in a place, and presiding over growth and abundance. Imagine a sheltered valley in the full surge of spring, with all the plants leafed out, strong seedlings erupting from the earth, and an abundant population of animals caring for their recently born young.

The image of the bull turns some people’s thoughts to masculine power and strength, and makes Taurus seem somewhat dangerous or angry. But this is not really the nature of Taurus astrologically. Taurus is a protective energy, like a mother keeping her children safe. Taurus accumulates material things, not because of ambition to become rich and powerful, but out of a need to create a secure and comfortable place in which to live and grow.

The traps into which Taurus can fall include possessiveness, stubbornness, and self-indulgence. Taurus can be so intent on building its own lair that it refuses to release anything, or to shift its position. Taurus’s identity is very much invested in the things it acquires and keeps. Taurus can become very focused on the sensual, bodily routines of life – a favorite couch, a particular food preference. Taurus can become quite inflexible when anything threatens its sense of security and comfort.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty. With Taurus, the beauty aspect is emphasized. Taurus’s interest in the sensual and physical has a strong esthetic component. Taurus surrounds itself with things that give pleasure and comfort.

Those born with Taurus as their Sun sign seek comfort and security for themselves and others as a life mission. This is not something that is necessarily understood early in life, because it is an underlying drive that can manifest in different ways: career, marriage, family. But a person with a Taurus Sun who tries to live an unrooted life will eventually find something lacking. Learning to understand and honor one’s own body can be an area of important learning for a Taurus Sun.

The Moon in Taurus is a very easy configuration for most. A person with a Taurus Moon finds emotional comfort in the physical trappings of their life: good food, comfortable and attractive surroundings, sexual pleasures, and at least a modicum of financial security. The Moon in Taurus is much less driven than a Taurus Sun, and so is less inclined to stubbornness and defensiveness. Taurus Moon takes the pleasures of life where it finds them.

With Taurus Rising, one is inclined to wear a mask of stability, calm, and dependability. Such people can be calming influences on groups and relationships. The difficulty arises if one’s Sun is in a fire or air sign, seeking a greater degree of self-assertion and openness to change than the Taurus persona easily allows. The challenge for a person with Taurus rising is to accept the fact that they are more than just a dependable anchor, and allow themselves some opportunities for spontaneity.