HermesMercury will be leaving Aries tomorrow, and I for one will be glad for the change. These last couple weeks have worn me down with conversation that is just too pushy for my sensibilities – even though I’ve been responsible for my share of it! To make it worse, I ended up not taking my own advise too well and taking it too personally. Oh well – blame my Saturn in Capricorn I guess.

Mercury enters Taurus next, where he will stay until May 2. Most of us connect Mercury very strongly with air – he is the messenger god, the communicator, the wit and conversationalist. He does have an earthy side, too, however. He rules Virgo, where he expresses his mythological connection with craftsmen and traders. It is also interesting that Mercury’s Etruscan manifestation, Turms, was very much a god of property, territory, and land. Symbols of the god were erected at the center of each farmer’s plot, so that others would know it was claimed. The Etruscan Mercury thus has an earthy, almost Saturnian quality about him. Mercury is more than merely glib and articulate, he can also help produce, maintain, and defend our concrete resources.

In Taurus, Mercury becomes more subdued and more grounded. We can expect conversations to be more premeditated and sensible. Mercury also forms a trine with Saturn during the first part of his time in Taurus. If you are working those Saturn in Virgo issues, this weekend will be a good time to sit down and plan out your course of action. Saturn provides the motivation and sense of gravity for the undertaking, and Mercury lends his skill with details. Maybe you need a business plan, a budget, or to schedule your time for the months ahead. This is a good time to do it.

For those of us picking up on this change in Mercury, there may be a feeling of needing to slow down and consolidate our thinking on the matters of importance to us. What are the core issues? Which of those opinions that we expressed so eagerly early in April really deserves a place in our lives? This pausing and sifting is a good thing, but watch out for Taurus’s notorious stubbornness: ideas can be quietly expressed, but nonetheless forcefully held.

This transition also brings Mercury out ahead of the Sun, who will not enter Taurus until Saturday. For a while now, Mercury will be the usher, bringing in new ideas that impact our sense of identity and purpose. Things may appear suddenly, with their significance only becoming clear some days or weeks later.

The next couple weeks will also be a good time for making purchases or securing other material benefits. Make those decisions carefully, but do make them.