3 of CupsFor today’s card, I drew from the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Loesche. The card is the 3 of cups, and it shows a pair of dancers intertwined and harmonious. In decks based on the Waite-Smith tarot, this card often shows three women dancing or celebrating together. This rendition is more sensual, more intimate, and more restful. We can almost imagine these two dancers at the end of an hour of practicing their choreography, now familiar enough with each other to share a pose without thinking, just coming from the natural motion of their bodies.

In the Golden Dawn system of correspondences, the 3 of cups corresponds to Mercury in Cancer. Mercury, the celestial master communicator and craftsmen, turns his gifts to the nurturing of relationships and the creation of a safe space for the expression of emotion.

Although the two figures in the card may be lovers, this card is not about romantic attraction or the union of souls. Rather, it indicates a relationship that has found its comfort zone. The relationship may be between romantic partners, but it can also be between friends, creative collaborators, or family members. The essence of it is knowing someone well enough that you can be at ease and move together. It is a relationship that is established enough that the two parties are known quantities to each other, but not so locked into place as to be burdened with expectations and issues. It is communion between people in its least complicated form.

The advice this card offers is to relax in your relationships, work on simply being together and doing together, and harmony will come.