aries-softphp.jpgMercury enters Aries today, sprinting through the entire sign in a dizzying two weeks, to exit into Taurus on the 17th. This is the fastest part of Mercury’s cycle, midway between retrogrades. It is fitting that he is Aries at this time, a sign known for its energy and initiative.

Mercury governs how we communicate and how we organize our thoughts. He also contributes strongly to our mechanical skills, dexterity, and attention to detail. In Aries, he wants to face the world as an innovator and is driven by a sense of purpose and self-confidence. During the next couple weeks, many of us may be inclined to “cut to the chase” in our dealings with others, and not mince words.

The nice thing about this is that we can expect some release from negotiations that have become bogged down or planning activities that seem to run in circles and get nowhere. Mercury in Aries can help by blurting out the suggestion that gets the ball rolling again.

The downside is that diplomacy takes a back seat, and ideas may not be expressed in the most cordial fashion. If you feel stung by someone’s words, don’t take it too personally. There’s probably no hidden agenda or malice behind it, just impatience and an inner censor that’s been set to idle for awhile. It can also be a frustrating time for those of us who like to mull things over; decisions will be made swiftly.

People with planets in fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) will enjoy this new energy the most, and slip into it quite easily. If you have Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn planets, expect to feel more conflicted about your verbal outbursts (and those of others).

All this reaches a sort of climax when Mercury passes the Sun on April 15-16, just before leaving Aries. The purpose of all those animated conversations and new ideas should come into focus then, giving us a neat package to work with later, if we so choose.