Libra Moon GoddessWhy is it that so many Wiccans and other Pagans celebrate the full moon? Certainly, a lot has to do with atmosphere – it just feels and looks magical and special to do ritual or celebrate at night under the light of a full moon. How many of our childhood stories involve something strange or magical happening when the moon is full? How many paintings of enchanted nocturnal scenes prominently feature a full moon?

Whenever you have need of anything,
one in the month and be it better when the moon is full,
then shall you assemble in some secret place and adore
the spirit of me, who am the Queen of all witches.

(from The Charge of the Goddess, in Charles Leland’s Aradia)

There are also energetic reasons for celebrating and working magic at this time. The Moon (which represents Goddess energy) is at the height of her brightness at this time. In the cycle of the Moon’s phases, the full moon is associated with the Mother Goddess, adundant, creative, fertile, and at the peak of her potency for manifesting change.

Astrologically, the full moon finds the Moon and Sun in opposition, at opposite points of the Zodiac. Opposites, like two poles of a battery, exist in creative tension, “fully charged”, as it were, and ready to unleash a flow of energy. This is also a sexual metaphor, with the masculine Sun and feminine Moon poised opposite each other, desire poised at the brink of procreation. When the two poles are brought together in magic, their energies combine and produce a third entity, a new reality.

Tonight’s full moon finds the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. The tension along this axis is that between self (Aries) and relationship (Libra). The Libra Moon harmonizes our relationships with others, and brings forth a new, richer reality by uniting the energy of personal identity with the energy of communion with another. The potential of the Libra Moon is enhanced tonight by following so closely after the spring equinox, and also by the presence of Venus and Mercury conjunct in Pisces, which can be seen as heart and mind melting into oneness.

You might wish to use the energy of tonight’s full moon to affirm or re-create a relationship with a lover or other person you are close too. It can also be good for preparing oneself for a new relationship and perparing to welcome it. Or, you can work with it on a more symbolic level and work with the dichotomy of personal ego v. interconnectedness.