PiscesVenus slipped into Pisces yesterday, and she’ll be traversing that sign until April 5. This is good news for her – and for most of us, too. Venus gets along well in Pisces, where her natural sentimentality is free to wander and ponder. The next three weeks will be congenial for art, music, and other creative endeavors, especially those that draw their inspiration from our fantasies and daydreams. Relationships may flow more easily for awhile, too, as love becomes more boundless and unconditional than at other times.

Mercury is tagging along with Venus for awhile, following her into Pisces tomorrow. He’d normally being uncomfortable in such a wishy-washy landscape, but with Venus close by to navigate the emotional waters, he’s more at ease. He can lend a hand to help us verbalize those dreamy inspirations.

It’s a poetry season, really.